a riddle.

27 Mar
Eeeeee. Youuu. …. 10/2012 ….


[the] slowest runner [in all the world] returns.

15 Mar

After over a year of hiatus, members of the Slowest Runner have begun to recongeal and start to compose music again. While Jake is in Los Angeles and Gillian and Hunter are getting ready for the next big body building competition, Ian, Jeremy and Jesse are stepping back into the ring (under the moniker of Sontag Shogun) picking up where they left off, and slowly ressurecting TSRIAW. Talks of summer tour (hey Europe!), new recordings, etc. are in the works, but for now, be satisfied with some Sontag Shogun shows! The next one is below, and check our SHOWS page for other booked shows! We do kids birthday parties, so email us at slowestrunnerinalltheworld@gmail.com

Show info Below and Facebookinvite if you click on it.

Be there Wednesday the 21st for a night of Beijing noise and yrs truly, Sontag Shogun.



30 Jan



(49 s2nd st btw kent & wythe Brooklyn)

Sontag Shogun + Aki Onda

(mems. Espers & Fursaxa)

The Dreebs

The Slowest Runner String Quintet
(first ever performance!)

Top Track of 2010!

5 Jan

Thanks to the guys at the Silent Ballet for making “Zoe Machete Control” the top 32nd song of the year. There was a lot of good stuff to contend with and I’m glad we were noticed! Thanks for listening and making the conscious collective like us more!

Bye 2010.

28 Dec

Halloween 2010 @ CakeForearms, Brooklyn.

What a year! We recorded an album, went on tour, almost died in various states of our great nation, etc. We’d like to thank you all for helping us out by listening, buying, caring, giving to us along the way. While it might be a little while til the next Slowest Runner record, we’ll have things for you to hear by members of the band exploring the musical world on their own. Plus, old, dredged up Slowest Runner tracks for your brains to hear that have never been released, nor will they, except for you!

Also, there will be some show announcements for January and February in 2011, so keep reading!

For now, check out  nowlikephotographs to see that we’ve made their BEST Instrumental Records of 2011. at number 6!!!

Max Richter, eat yr heart out.

– Jesse


You can listen to their radio show (which includes our song “Zoe Machete Control”) here!

New Projects

8 Nov

Hi all,
sooooooo… with Slowest Runner on indefinite (live) hiatus as of now, we’ve begun to work on/with new projects from brooklyn and beyond!  we just wanted to send out a headsup and whatsup to everyone thats interested in the directions we’re moving towards.We’re keeping very busy these days!

Hunter is currently working with:
The AshCan Orchestra —   http://www.myspace.com/patspadine
Cloud Becomes Your Handhttp://www.myspace.com/stephencoopermusic

…and his own solo theatrical / musical inspirations (sometimes featuring live dog tricks) under the silly sentimental guise of MARSH.   http://www.myspace.com/420433062

Jake has become the live drummer extraordinaire for the indie dance-floor wreckers:

Jeremy, Ian & Jesse are revivng their piano, tapes and electronics-based side project full time:
Sontag Shogunhttp://sontagshogun.bandcamp.com

Jesse is a DJ and makes mix-tapes:
Dinosaur Death Battlehttp://dinosaurdeathbattle.blogspot.com

is breathing new life into his solo music, soon to be performed on a small China tour in 2011:

Meanwhile, Ian, Hunter & Gillian are working out some kinks and might take the stage again as:
Slowest Runner String Triohttp://theslowestrunner.bandcamp.com/album/split

that’s it for now, please stay tuned and stay involved and stay in touch!
team crawdaddy.

Lineup Announced for Halloween show!

15 Oct

ARTT NYTE V3:  Haunted House

CakeFOREarms, Brooklyn NY

October 29, 2 0 1 0


The Honey Do’s

Rex Complex

Iambic Pentamonster and The Fatal Attractors (w/ sntgshgn)

[the] slowest runner [in all the world]




*plus drinks, DJs, bathroom murder scene installations, art and films!!!

Hope to see you there?!



4 Oct

October 29, 2010

[the] slowest runner [in all the world] will be hosting and playing a HALLOWEEN HAUNTED HOUSE bash at CakeForeArms in Brooklyn NY on OCTOBER 29.  We’re all very excited, this is our first time playing together since NASHVILLE in July!!


will be posted in the coming weeks ONLY at:


Record of the Week at nowlikephotographs

25 Aug

We, Burning Giraffes is the record of the week at nowlikephotographs.com. Go check it out!

Back In Brooklyn

25 Aug

We made it back to Brooklyn after a whirlwind tour. Jeremy has fled the country while the rest of us a squirming in our own bodily fluids. What is on the horizon? Who knows. Look out for the trio to step up to the plate.